Our Prayer for America

Dear Heavenly Father,
We humble our hearts in Your presence and ask that you turn Your ear to our desperate cries.  We acknowledge that regardless of the chaos surrounding us here in this temporary home, You are in control and Your plan will prevail.  We cast all our cares upon You, for You care for us.  Oh Father, do not withdraw Your hand from Your sinful people. 

We pray that You draw this nation close to You; turn our wandering hearts toward You.  Pour out Your spirit on the people of our great nation; overwhelm us with You.   Fill each follower of Christ with an outpouring of Your Holy Spirit like we have never experienced before.  We ask that Your mighty hand of guidance, protection, wisdom and love rest upon each of us as we journey through this bleak and weary world.  God, please soften the hardened hearts of Your people; break our hearts with the things that break Yours.  We ask You to shine Your brilliant light in even the darkest of places.  Cleanse our nation with Your precious innocent blood—cleanse us from every seed of hate, every droplet of bitterness, and every shadow of darkness.  Replace our weaknesses and infidelities with Your hope and Your love.

We ask You to strip the shades of hate from our eyes; awaken our hearts so that we are no longer numb to the death and destruction of this world.  Revive in each of Your people, a strong conviction for the value of each precious human life—born or unborn, regardless of race, ethnicity, or religion—we are all precious in Your sight.  In Jesus name, we cast out every evil from our hearts and claim victory in Your name over the evil that seeks to kill, steal and destroy us individually and as a nation.

God, seal the borders of this nation as only You can.  Protect us from those who seek to enter for evil purposes. In Jesus name, we claim victory over the evil that seeks to penetrate our great nation’s security.

Raise up a generation of leaders who earnestly seek You and who will not be motivated by the sound of thunderous applause or tossed about on the waves of political opportunity, but will be guided by Your Spirit and Your Word and sustained by Your hand resting upon them.

Instill in us and in our leaders Your vision for this great nation.  Let us love one another as you have commanded. Let us carry each other’s burdens and support and encourage one another, rather than diminish the fragile humanity that exists within us all.

God we pray for the leaders of our country our state and our city. God, bless them with a God-vision, a heavenly wisdom, and a mindset on the things that truly matter.  We pray that America would be a beacon of Your light to the rest of the world.  Lord please protect Christians around the world as they serve You and seek to share You with those who are so desperately lost.  Give them courage and protect them from harm.  We pray that Your peace and love spread ten thousand times faster than the flames of hate consuming humanity all around the world at this very hour.  We ask for Your peace; Lord grant us Your peace.

We ask for your protection over the children of this nation.  Turn their hearts toward You; protect them from those who would seek to do them harm. Give us wisdom to raise them to be followers of Christ who race toward you and never look back.

God we pray that every Christian will wake up and put on the armor of God. Armed with that, and Your great love, and the power of the Holy Spirit, we will march forward and take this nation back for You. We pray that we will not compromise who we are and that people will see Your love and come to know Your greatness through us.

It is time.

We feel Your call, God.  I pray each of us answers with, “I am ready, choose me to accomplish Your purpose.” Make us fierce warriors for You, God. Ignite in each American citizen an unrelenting love for this country, a passion to protect and fight for this great nation and to return it to Your values. Regardless of who appears to be in control temporarily in this world, we know that You are control and You have vested us with Your power to do Your great works here. With the faith of a mustard seed, we can move mountains; we ask for faith even greater than that. Strengthen our resolve.
We pray for our soldiers at home and abroad, and for the police officers and first responders who put their lives on t


he line to protect us in our schools, cities, and our daily lives. We ask that your hand of guidance and protection surround them day and night. We pray that you would grant Your wisdom and discernment to our leaders, soldiers, and officers and all those with whom they interact. Give us all hearts to hear and the willingness to listen.  Let us go forth with Your love overflowing from our every word, thought, and deed.  In Jesus name, we claim this generation and this country for You. Lord strike down the hands of evil as they rise against us.  We believe.  We trust. We know.  Let us walk with the confidence of children of the King as we boldly follow You.

In Jesus’ precious, holy name, we ask all these things, Amen.

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