Sunday Bulletin March 11th 2018

Prelude All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name, Bober Paula Chatman
Introit All People of God, Fontana Chancel Choir
*Welcome Rev. Jason J. Nelson
*Hymn of Praise, UMH No. 400 Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing
*Apostles Creed, No. 881 (UMH) Lay Reader
*Gloria Patri, No. 70 (UMH)
Announcements Rev. Jason J. Nelson
*Hymn of Praise, UMH No. 424 Must Jesus Bear the Cross Alone
*Scripture Reading Luke 20:1-8, 20-26 NIV Lay Reader
Anthem Gospel of Grace, Hayes Chancel Choir
Children’s Sermon Lisa Solomon
Pastoral Prayer/Lord’s Prayer Rev. Jason J. Nelson
Offertory People Need the Lord, Wolaver Paula Chatman
*Doxology, No. 95 (UMH)
Sermon Answers to No One Rev. Jon V. Nelson
Communion (8:30 am)
*Hymn of Invitation, UMH No. 452 My Faith Looks Up to Thee
*Benediction Rev. Jason J. Nelson
*Sending Forth (UMH) No. 557 Blest Be the Tie that Binds
Postlude Lead On, O King Eternal, Bober Paula Chatman
*Please stand as you are comfortable.